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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh dear, another year!

At the end of each year, I look back at what Ryan and I have done and accomplished and am quite often overwhelmed. And while this year had it's joys and struggles, it has definitely been the best. year. yet.

Here's a recap of the year with some fun stats at the end!

In January, Adrielle started mommy and me swimming lessons for the first time. I know Adi loved it, but I'm pretty sure that I liked it even more than she did. Ryan continued classes at the University of Utah and started volunteering for the American Red Cross.

In February, we celebrated Adi's 1st birthday with friends and family. It was exciting, fun, and memorable, we can't believe she's almost two! Also, in February, Erin came to visit!

In March, Ryan and I made the decision to honor friends and family with cancer and ran the Rex Lee Run for Cancer Research. I also had the opportunity to travel to Arizona on business.

In April, Ryan finished his "spring semester" finals at the University of Utah while simultaneously starting "spring term" at BYU. That was a busy two weeks. In addition, I happened to travel to DC during that finals experience.

In May, Ryan and I celebrated three years of marriage! We also locked ourselves out for the first and had a spontaneous dance party. Ryan also continued with Red Cross stuff and started interpreting at the hospital.

In June, Ryan and I blogged 48 times! That's almost as many times as we blogged during the entire year of 2008. It was a pretty eventful month. Ryan and I spent time at the cabin with friends, and Ryan's volunteerism at the Red Cross was awarded. I attempted a photography challenge, and took a BYU Photography class. I also traveled to Las Vegas with colleagues.

In July, we lost our good friend and classmate, Wes Truman. We had the opportunity to attend his funeral and learn even more from his example. Adi had a fun month; she visited Sundance for the first time, developed an obsession with Grandpa's Jeep, and snuck into Nursery for the first time. We also ran in the Farmington Festival Days 10k and Half Marathon.

In August, we were busy, but highlights included a trip to the Zoo and a Kaplan scholarship.

In September, Ryan started Fall semester and I had a big month. I visited Washington for the first time, ran the 2011 Red Rock Relay, and became a published author!

In October, we had fun trick-or-treating and celebrating the big 2-5! I also changed my hair!

In November, we celebrated weddings! First was Austin and Bri's happy day: 11.11.11. (: Then it was Erin and Mark's happy day: 11:13:11. (: Such a fun-filled, happy, mushy, lovely weekend.

The cutest picture ever. Ever.

In December... I, Ryan, was assigned to finish this post since it was started a week or two ago and I guess with December Kenz lost motivation. Or she figured it's my month anyway since I get extra spoiled considering my birthday is in December.

Yes, I did just post a picture of a random, albeit happy, old guy to reflect my aging self.

So here it goes: I finally finished OChem, faced a childhood fear, hit the big 30 in all its glory and misery (aches and pain with the realization that I have vivid memories of 25 years ago?!?), Binx's Christmas was so much more fun than last year, and we discovered the snuggy texts. Speaking of the snuggy texts, the second conversation he messed up hard core by trying too hard to be funny. The conversation ended up being obnoxious and plain rude. I can't believe the girl put up with it.

Year Fun Stats:
  1. This was the first year we did not move more than twice. In fact, we didn't move at all. I guess it's about time to find some greener pastures... med school anyone?
  2. Kenz held one job, and an awesome one at that. She also happens to be awesome at her job.
  3. Ryan almost took the MCAT once on a whim, but then decided against it and has not regretted that decision at all. Preparation is confidence, friends.
  4. Adi learned her ABC's, how to count to 10, and a million different songs and several books we frequently read to her.
  5. Ryan interpreted at UVRMC and completed certification, then moved on to Radiology, and will now be in Pediatrics this next semester. He also developed an Hispanic community outreach program for the local American Red Cross chapter and interpreted at a free care clinic.
  6. Kenz traveled to Tucson, Phoenix, Seattle, DC, Maryland, and Las Vegas for work. Her trip to Seattle marked her first trip ever to Washington. One more state checked off the list!
  7. Ryan cut his own hair with scissors. This is more exciting than one might think.
  8. And, no speeding tickets this year! (See 2009 and 2010. In 2008 there was also a speeding ticket. Prior to that, neither of us had ever received a ticket...)

In 2012 we hope to achieve some major goals and look forward to what surprises life has in store for us all! Hopefully there are some really good ones!


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Our Family
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