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Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 (Hopefully) Bucket List

Each year, when New Year's Resolutions roll around, I become a bit anxious. In fact, sometimes I tend to avoid them altogether. Ask those who know me well and you'll quickly learn that I am an all-or-nothin' kind of person. If I slip up once--just once--it's all over.

Last year, I only made one resolution. Something that was so important to me that it needed it's own, special attention. With as busy as life had become in 2010, I resolved that in 2011 I would keep all my commitments. Birthday parties, meetings, etc. I wouldn't bail on anyone and would work hard to live up to the expectations others had of me.

I am happy to announce that I made it through the whole year, and from my recallable memory, I actually lived up to it!

The best part? After a few months, it became natural, and by the end of the year I didn't even have to think about it.

Now that is what resolutions are for.

So, this year, forget resolution(s)... I'm only going for a single resolution and 2012 (Hopefully) Bucket List!

My 2012 New Year's Resolution is... 

To find ways to serve wherever I go; simple or complex. 

My 2012 (Hopefully) Bucket List Includes 26 things for my 26th year.

1 - Read the Book of Mormon cover-to-cover
2 - Run a half marathon
3 - Reach my goal weight
4 - Visit one new state
5 - Brush up on my Spanish
6 - Read a book for pleasure each month
7 - Read a book for professional development each month
8 - Improve my photography skills
9 - Improve as a pianist
10 - Go to Disneyland!
11 - Blog daily for a whole month!
12 - Invite friends over for Sunday dinner at least once a month
13 - Have 100% visiting teaching success! 
14 - Help Adrielle master her ABC and learn to read simple words and phrases
15 - Attend the temple once a month
16 - Grow my hair out (again)
17 - Learn to style my hair differently 
18 - Throw a few good parties
19 - Go on a road trip
20 - Help Ryan get accepted to Medical School
21 - Save money. 
22 - Finish and implement "Dressing Your Truth"
23 - Become a better teacher
24 - Make chore charts; follow them. :)
25 - Become an educated constituent and VOTE. 
26 - Secret. 

Awesome? I think so. 


Ames said...

I think your goals are awesome! Good Luck!!!

Shelly said...

Your goal for 2011 sounds really cool. Your bucket list idea for this year sounds like a lot of fun too!

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