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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in Review

Wow. Another year has flown by... 2010 has definitely been challenging, exciting, and a year full of blessings. Here is yet another year-in-review list for our 2010 adventures!

January: Andrew and Hannah got married in Bountiful, Utah. Kenz and I began our last semester of grad school.

February: We welcomed Adrielle to our family! Other than that, due to sleep deprivation and trying to stay on top of school, we don't remember anything else.

March: Kenz received a job offer from the Partnership for Public Service and we had the go-ahead to move on with our plans to move back to Washington! We spent the rest of the month busy with school, finding a place to live in Alexandria, VA, and dreaming about what our life would hold on the East Coast.

We also blessed this little cutie!

April: A whirlwind of final papers, projects, presentations, and moving. Kenz started her job before graduation (leaving Ryan a single parent for a few days) and then flew back to pick up the baby and fly back to our new home in VA. Ryan and Adam drove the truck cross-country (a very long 3 days in a moving truck).

Missing her Mama.

Finally in DC!

May: Somewhat settled down in our new life in the D.C. metro area with our photo in the Ward Directory and everything! Celebrated our second year anniversary. We unexpectedly lost Grandpa Clark, and flew back to Utah for his funeral. We still miss him dearly, and think of him often.

Kenz's first Mother's Day!

June: Went to support Kenz's cousins in the Susan G. Koman race for the cure on the National Mall. (Ryan felt that he should pursue medical school and we started to consider different options and how to make it work in VA.)

We spent some time swinging, running, and going to Eastern Market for breakfast.

Adi's first trip to Eastern Market.

July: Fireworks on the helipad of the Pentagon. There's nothing like the 4th of July in Washington! Kenz applied for one job at BYU, and they flew her out for an interview. Luckily, our nephew was born that same weekend so we could meet him!

First Fourth!

Plenty of swimming for this little girl.

Another cross-country flight for this little girl.

Little Jacob! (And who looks that amazing after giving birth!?!)

FDR Memorial

Enjoying the monuments.

And who could forget this storm that ripped apart the trees in our neighborhood? (Although this may have happened in early August -- see what I'm saying about sleep deprivation?)

August: Picnics, and waiting on BYU for a job offer that would determine whether or not we stayed in VA or pursued med school via moving back to Utah. Then, another whirlwind move back to Utah just in time for school to start the Monday after we arrived. Exhausted yet? We are still trying to recover.

We love the National Mall.

Yes, there was some time for an outing or two to the park.

Partnership for Public Service Picnic.

September: Ryan started classes at the University of Utah, Kenz started her job at BYU. Life just doesn't seem to settle down at all, does it?

Adi's first boat ride.

Enjoying some down time at the park after Ryan's first trig test.

More park time on a Sunday afternoon.

Extended family pictures.

And last, but not least, Ryan discovers the joys of public transportation.

October: Pumpkin patches, cougars, Halloween parties in which the little one was a lamb and an improvised vampire.

Oh, and fuzzy bunny boots. (Thanks, Amy!)

November: We left the little girl for the first time and I met Kenz in Washington for the weekend.

We love this city!

December: Lights at Temple Square, Christmas Devotional, Adi met Santa, family pictures, and Adi's first Christmas!

To sum it all up: it has been an adventure! It has been a year of firsts, we have been stressed and excited out of our minds, tired, rejuvenated, had gains and experienced losses. The Lord has continually blessed us and manifested His almighty hand in our life, and we are very grateful. Here's to what 2011 will bring!


The Steffensen's said...

What an exciting year! In 2011 you guys need a nap.

Ryan pass on to your mom that she looks beautiful! She hasn't aged a day in the past ten years.

VonTana said...

Seriously? They let someone hang from the bars of the trax? And for the record, I liked the vampire costume. It was awesome and doesn't look improvised at all!

Alison Rae said...

2010 WAS a big year! Here's to a more restful 2011!

Brooke said...

I can't believe the year you had. It was truly eventful. I join the others in wishing you a calmer 2011.

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