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Monday, October 3, 2011

Red Rock Relay - Zion

In May, my cousin, Melissa cajoled me into signing up as part of the 12-member Red Rock Relay team.

Training through May and June went well and I ran my first 10k (while Ryan ran his accidental. After that, schedules went berserk and I barely ran a few miles a week--if that.

The days leading up to the race I admit. I was scared. And, oh so insecure. I'm not a runner to be sure, but I wanted to do my best.

We drove down to Southern Utah on Thursday night (September 8th) and slept about 5 hours before heading to the start line. My cousin Andrea was up first and my teammate, Sammy, and I rode the ski lift at Brianhead up with her as she started the first leg at 6:00am!

That was a neat experience because it was pitch black when we rode it up (with brilliant, gorgeous stars) and the sun was starting to emerge as we made our way down. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me at the time. Next time. Ha.

The next few hours my stomach was in knots as I awaited my first leg: 5.8 miles. Could I do it? 

We took pictures along the way...

Chicks with Kicks!

And even managed to get a cousin shot!

When my turn came, I scrambled at the start line, pushed hard through some hills, felt a little discouraged, but ended up making it! 

I didn't know who the first runner in our second team van was, but was excited to see her waving me down when I made it to the switch point. 

A few personal notes: I don't like running with gum, and I prefer my iPhone to a Garmin. 

After each leg, we drew a stripe with a sharpie to show how far we'd gone. I'll admit it was pretty awesome. 

After my leg, we drove to Sammy's cousins' house and rested before we got ready to do our second leg. The sun started to set and by the time I was running it was pitch black. It was the best. run. ever. 

Again I scrambled to the starting line and when the switch came, was on my way. It was little nerve-wrecking running along a busy road with no shoulder in the middle of nowhere. But, it was totally worth it. 

We drove back to my aunt/uncle's condo in St. George for what turned out to be a quick Siesta (we were making GREAT time) and ran our final legs. 

My last leg was awful. I had my first-ever side stitch cramp. What's up with that? And although it was only 2.1 miles, it totally beat my trash. 

All-in-all it was a great day/night of running. Definitely a lot of quality time with people who aren't your spouse, but such a fun adventure. 

We made it to the finish line in our awesome bright-yellow t-shirts and celebrated a great finish after a day and a half! A huge thanks to Katie and Andrea! 

And if you ask whether or not I would do it again... I don't know. Maybe when I forget... :)


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