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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A week ago Sunday, I (against Ryan's will), dropped off Adrielle at nursery for the first time! I just said "first timer?" and dropped her off. They only asked where they could find me and voila! I wish I had a picture! (Maybe next week.)

The next two hours were definitely not as entertaining as they were with the Binx, but we made it through...

And, she did great! (And, no one even asked her age...)

I know. Sneaky, right? I mean, she was 17 months and a few days. And everyone's doing it. (I know, I just used that line.)

Then, last Sunday I dropped her off again. Fail. She cried and twenty minutes into the first meeting they came to get me. Then the question came. Um... 17andahalfmonthsold... That's when Bailee said "18 months," It made me smile--thanks Bay!

Difference in week 1 and week 2? Last week she had a 1-hour nap. This week no nap.

Lesson learned.

Nursery essentials:  good night's sleep and Sunday morning nap.

Still, it was slightly (okay, maybe more than slightly) wonderful.


Chelsea said...

I don't blame you for trying. When we were in nursery we totally didn't care. Sometimes it even helps the kids adjust better.

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