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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Case You Live in Media-Controlled Communist China

Last night, Ryan found the funniest link on our friend Dave's facebook. 

So naturally, he showed me. 

I will admit that, at times, our sense of humor is different (as evidenced by my lack of laughter towards Borges), but last night it was spot on. 

The link was to a post from Eli McCann's blog "It Gets Stranger" about an accidental text conversation and it. was. hilarious.

So naturally, I shared it on facebook. 

And, over the past twenty-four hours have been seeing it everywhere. In fact, come to find out, Eli and I had 16 friends in common on facebook. So, after commenting on Dave's link, asking for Eli to post his blog stats, I found out that it has had more than 18,500 hits in 48 hours. 

So worth it. 

Check it out: Snuggie Texts 

And, my friend Jolyn said it best... 

"If you haven't read this yet your excuse better be that you've been living in media-controlled communist china for the last 48 hours. Because it's big, and everyone else knows about it but you. Eli McCann is the next Dave Barry of humor writing. I would, however, like to know how Jane feels about being exploited like this..." 

PS - anyone know Jane?


Jo said...

Kenzie! Thanks for quoting me! Haha. I can't believe how out-of-control this has gotten. Things like this make life so fun. I hope your little family is doing well! Your daughter is beautiful!

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Our Family
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