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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The zoo is so much more fun with kids. That's all there is to it.

Littlest Binx got to ride on Dada's shoulders the whole time so she could see the animals better.

Unfortunately, she liked the concept of Jumbo Elephant more than the actual animal.

Maybe next time, Jumbo.

When not on Dada's shoulders, she found some stuff to rummage through.

Jumbo should feel better about himself, because she hated the dinosaurs. (It took a while for her to warm up to this one enough to sit on it. She probably only did it because she couldn't see its face from the angle she was sitting.) This made me a little sad because I grew up fascinated with dinosaurs. I tried so many times to get her used to them, for which Kenz accused me of torturing our child.

Pretty sure she had heard one of the dinosaurs in this picture.

I'm sure she saw and heard one in this picture.


Our Family

Our Family
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