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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arizona Sun!


I admit it. It says posted in March, but truth be told, I'm blogging retroactively from August 5th. Shame on me for having forgotten to post.

In March my colleagues and I flew to Arizona on business. While there we enjoyed work, fun, and the sun. :)

Photo Descriptions: 

1 - Airplane at Phoenix Skyharbor Airport
2 - Stained Glass at Phoenix Skyharbor Airport 
3 - Dessert Landscapes at the Buttes Resort
4 - The water slide at the resort (which I unfortunately didn't even go down)
5 - The Mesa Temple
6 - Me at the Mesa Temple
7 - Me at the Mesa Temple again :) 
8 - At Oreganos in Mesa, AZ (where I ran into a former graduate classmate, Holly, who works for the MIM)
9 - Another view of the pool at the resort
10 and 11 - Views of the Tempe Cemetary where I ran each morning
12 - Lounging at the pool after the a quick run 
13 and 14 - We visited Intel and saw some of their neat products and inventions
15 - Saw my beautiful grandmother, Ellen (can you believe she's almost 90?)
16, through 20 - Ate at Rustler's Roost in Phoenix where Heidi enjoyed the Cotton Candy because Ryan and I were off sweets for March
21 - A Saguaro skeleton at USAA (you have to have a permit to even move these, let alone have them as art)
22 through 25 - We visited the Musical Instruments Museum thanks to my friend Holly. It was wonderful and I can't wiat to get back. 

Photo Descriptions: 

1 through 9 - Dinner at La Racho Tia Rosa
10 - My wonderful friend Katie (who by the way is pregnant in this picture and you can't even see) and I (Fabio not pictured, he took the photo)
11 and 12 - Leaving the Buttes
13 - Tangerine Road in Oro Valley 
14 - The "A" in Tucson - where according to Nate, drug deals go down
15 - Eegee's -- making Tucson famous one unsuspecting customer at a time
16 - Boarding the plan
17 and 18 - Ariel view of the Grand Canyon (with snow and all)
19 - Home at last!
20 - Adrielle enjoying her new book, "Good Night Arizona" 


Our Family

Our Family
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