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Monday, April 18, 2011


Here I sit on the train home. Hungry, tired, and not really looking forward to a couple of hours I will be spending with Chemistry tonight. For those who know me, you know that Chemistry is not my best subject and I work hard to understand and master the material. This is why I feel justified showing off quizzes that reflect how much work I put into the subject.

I even have put them up on the fridge.
It's a great motivator and Kenz has been great to humor me in my ridiculousness.

Sadly, I do not put much effort into this class (a translation course), but I have to remember the two years I spent studying the language night and day. I count night because I had dreams about Spanish and in Spanish. And I'm pretty sure that if my instructor knew that I had a rather extensive background in the language, he would not be as impressed. But I let him live in his delusion.

Unfortunately, I also dream about Chemistry, but that has not been as fruitful.

Just looking at these experiments, you have to wonder what sadist came up with these labs.

As my train ride comes to an end, and my impending doom (a homework assignment, two quizzes and a final and an exam) looms in my near future (tomorrow morning and the exam Wednesday) I can't help but look ahead to next week when this will come to a close as I begin OChem at BYU for the summer.

And I really mean it when I say that as my classes at the U are finishing, my classes at BYU start. They actually overlap a week. How do I get myself into these situations?


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Our Family
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