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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Erin & Mark

After these happy nuptials, Ryan, Adi, and I headed to Denver to see our friends Erin and Mark tie the knot. 

The happy couple with best man: Nikos 

It was so. much. fun. 

After a crazy flight from Provo to Denver (more details to come), Ryan and I landed in Denver, rented our car, and drove to Crackpots in Longmont to paint with the wedding party. 

We painted ceramic frames for the happy couple; it was such a great idea. I loved the destination wedding feel, and was so happy to meet Erin's family. 

After painting, we had dinner with the friends and family and had an interesting time with Adrielle thinking Erin's aunt was my mother-in-law (more details to come). It was also a re-lie-ving evening to learn that the ceremony would be approximately 30 minutes, not two and a half hours like I had previously thought (I was racking my brain to think of how to occupy Adi for those two-plus hours.)

The wedding day was simply gorgeous. We looked up a chapel to attend Sacrament Meeting and while we drove around Longmont, we ran into a different chapel. (It's a good thing too, because we were late.) 

After church, we headed to the ceremony that was held at a beautiful barn in Berthoud, Colorado. Despite being mid-November, the weather was perfect, mid-60's if my memory serves me.

The ceremony was beautiful. Erin looked beautiful, and Mark, dashing. In fact, as Adi saw Erin for the first time, she said, "Oh, princess!" I didn't even know she knew that word. 

Erin and Mark had asked me to read a children's story during the ceremony; "My Personal Penguin" to be exact. 

I was soooo nervous. I had read it a few times, and felt prepared, but I wanted it to be perfect for Erin's special day. However, when it came time to read it, I did my best, thinking about how the book describes Erin and Mark to a "T". It was also kind of neat, because both Erin and Mark turned to listen--so I was reading it to them. 

After the rings and the "I do's" Erin and Mark became Mr. and Mrs. and we couldn't be happier for them!

I took a few iPhone photos...

About to start...

Walking together towards the isle! 

But, I also grabbed these from the wedding site; Erin's friend Diana did such a great job on the photos. 

Happy Wedding Erin and Mark!

Before the ceremony

Waiting for the beautiful bride

Towards the isle

The Ceremony

The picture-perfect day!

Erin's bouquet and Mark's boutonniere (He's got the "key" to her "heart".) I loved it, even if it was over-the-top mushy. (:

The cake made by Erin's step-mother 

He's one lucky guy. 

I still want to know what the Walruses are all about. 

One big happy family!



Best Man. 

Smooches all around!

Erin and Me 

All of us! (Check out the sucker I'm holding that was keeping Adi quiet. :)

Two beautiful girls!

The bride

Cutest. Thing. Ever. 

Happy Wedding and Life to Erin and Mark! We love you guys!


Our Family

Our Family
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