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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tinted or Tainted

Each of us views the world through a different set of lenses. Our gender, religion, ethnicity, and nationality are all lenses. And, alongside, our experiences craft lenses that either tint or taint our views of the world.

I wrote this post a couple of years ago, and I recognize that as one who has not struggled with infertility, my thoughts then and/or now might be misunderstood or brushed aside.

While my experience with infertility is only from secondary, anecdotal sources, I have enough information to draw two sociological conclusions:  Sometimes, when we (i.e., society) are un-sensitive (not to be confused with in-sensitive) to a certain topic, we alienate others. Sometimes, when we (i.e., society) are sensitive to a certain topic, we alienate others. 

This is especially true with infertility.

Referring back to my June 2011 post, that positive cousin of Ryan's has since seen her promise come to fruition through adoption. Likewise I have met (or know) many more couples who have adopted or conceived after long battles with infertility. On the other hand, I have seen some couples undergo excruciating suffering (physically, mentally, emotionally) as they have lost child after child. 

I may never know their pain directly, but do I know that through the Atonement all that is unfair in the world will be made right in Christ Jesus. 

So, next time someone says, "let's kick all the pregnant ladies" or something about a "malicious, April Fool's pregnancy joke" or announces that they're pregnant, or mentions the loss of a pregnancy, realize that regardless of what anyone ever says, you will view the world through a set of lenses. 

The choice is yours however as to whether they're tinted or tainted

Our Family

Our Family
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