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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter {Sunday} Around These Parts

Our Easter {Sunday} was even better.

I woke up super early (5:45am) to finish working on my Sunday School lesson, and enjoyed the opportunity to draw closer to the Savior as I studied the Gospel in the early-morning hours.

I even came across this wonderful video that emphasizes so perfectly the Risen Lord.

I finished planning my lesson and woke Adi up to watch this video again with me--it was neat to see the cogs turning as we revisited that Christ died on a cross and was resurrected.

He truly lives!

Before heading to church, the Easter Bunny came and brought this little girl and her mamma and dadda some fun surprises. (As an aside... I love surprises and I especially Santa Clause and now the Easter Bunny. While some are hesitant to put emphasis on these traditions, we further emphasize that the Easter Bunny brings gifts to remind us that Christ is the greatest gift of all.) 

Ready to see what the Easter Bunny brought! #easterfun

Easter is fun for us too... #easterfun

I love holiday traditions and surprises! #easterfun

While the candy, nail polish, and shoes (not pictured) were fun, she was definitely in love with her bike that accompanied her Easter basket.

We had a wonderful time at church learning about our Savior. My day was made when Ryan told me that Adi had been listening to her nursery lesson and when Brother Whiting had said something along the lines of "After three days Jesus was resurrected," Adi looked at Ryan and said, "Mamma was right!" So cute. Definitely one of those mothering highlights.

After church, we snapped a couple Easter-dress pictures...

[This was her reaction to] Contrails. #wow

Before we enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon walk. 

This time, Adi rode... 

Sunday stroll. Now maybe she can keep up. ;) #mylittlegirl

The Easter Bunny brought this little lady a bike. She can't get enough of it.
#taughtherselftorideitinfiveminutes #spoiled #mylittlegirl #easterfun

We broke it up by taking glamour shots and capturing our new Easter/Spring wreath...

Happy Easter! #easterfun #home

Mommy and baby. #loveher

Kissy kissy. #mylittlegirl #mytlittlegirlisafashionista

Mid-afternoon we headed up to Farmington... 

Sleeping on our way to grandmother's house. :) #mylittlegirl

For the next set of festivities to begin... 

Egg-hunting cousins. #easterfun #mylittlegirl

Easter flip flops, outfits, and bubbles! 


So many bubbles.

And more bubbles! 

A quiet, fun Easter afternoon with cousins and bubbles. Life couldn't get better for these three.
 #cousins #easterfun #bubbles @eclawso

And even more bubbles! 

Bubble zone. #bubbles

Not to mention delicious and even colorful food! 

Yummy? Yummy. #easterfun #nofilter @eclawso is amazing.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends, and important message that:

Christ the Lord is Risen Today! 


Our Family

Our Family
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