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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Fabulous GRB

As mentioned by Ryan, a good GRB is hard to find.

In fact, the last time I really had a consistent one was in 2008 when ironically my GRB ended up being the wife of our former bishop's GRB. Good times. Good times.

Anyway... almost a month ago exactly a gal in our ward posted on the neighborhood Facebook page, asking if anyone was interested in going for a morning jog. I had just started a BYU jogging class where I had to log 70 miles in about six weeks, so I shouted (figuratively) me, me, me!

I was a little nervous because with running it's so hard to tell if you'll find a good buddy, but it was the start of an awesome GRB!

Meet Maleen:

She is a stellar stay-at-home mom with five beautiful girls and she is fabulous as evidenced here. Honestly, when I get the chance to stay home, I want to do it with as much style as Maleen!

Check out what we've done:

Over the past month, we've run consistently every. single. M, W, F, and even threw in a long-run Saturday! We're even going to train for a 10K and maybe something bigger. Maybe... 

Either way, we've been logging some consistent miles, enough that both of us decided it was time for new kicks! So, Maleen took the lead and came running Monday morning in brand new neon-pink running shoes. I was slightly envious (especially because I hadn't had time to go shoe shopping)... 

So, we stopped by Runner's Corner yesterday and tried on a ton of different brands including Asics, Saucony, K Swiss, Mizunos, and Nike. 

I'm a tried and true Asics girl, but a bea-u-tiful pair of Mizunos were calling my name... 

And I love them. Can't wait to log 200+ miles in these babies! 


Haylee said...

I LOVE your shoes!! I am only a little (or a lot) jealous!

Maleen said...

Ha ha!! I'm famous. Seriously, you are the best GRB ever. I'm already sad thinking you might leave someday. I am spoiled right now.

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Our Family
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