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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home Ownership Defined

When we got our first power bill after purchasing our town house, I had a bit of sticker shock.

Heck, you would too going from an average of $30 a month to a $139 bill.

I chalked it up to a new house, more square feet, more exposed walls, etc. But, it was unsettling to be sure because we hadn't even run our A/C once during that time.

So, when the next bill came and it totaled $183.26 I about had a heart attack. That was more than double our cumulative utilities for the past two years.

Needless to say, I started to ask questions. A lot of questions.

After hours on the phone with Rocky Mountain trying to convince them that I don't run my A/C at 60 degrees every second of every day (among other ridiculous things--such as potentially having cats living in my ducts like the customer service rep?), Ryan and I performed a breaker test to no avail.

Finally, I asked my dad to come help us figure this thing out.

He went to the breaker and cut the main breaker to our house and our neighbors' A/C stopped short. We looked at each other... and when he flipped it back on, it started whirring.

It turns out the meters were mislabeled five years ago and it's only now that it's being discovered.

I called Rocky Mountain and they said that they would note that it's possible the meters are mislabeled.

Possible? I. don't. think. so. They are. Period.

To top it off they said that I didn't have to be there when they went to check... and then I get a phone call saying that because my doorbell doesn't light up, they need me there. Oh brother.

It turns out that the difference between my current bill and my actual bill is $117.26.

Ladies and gentleman I just saved $1,407.12 a year.

A electricity bill with a high of $66. Yes. Please.

Because Ryan and I had to leave work early to take care of that yesterday, we decided to run to Lowe's for a couple quick projects.

Ryan thinks I was a little two excited about the $23 and change that we spent but check these out!

That's right ladies and gentlemen! We have a new, lights-up doorbell and (drum roll please............) a peephole in our front door! I no longer have to be suspicious of when my doorbell rings! 

I may have been a tad too excited for the peephole, but seriously, best $23 ever! 

PS, I love my handy, hot husband with his awesome power tools!


Ames said...

That is insane! So glad you are able to save $1407.12!! That means more visits to the hardware store for fun things for the house!

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