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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GRB Search

It's hard to find a good GRB these days. My schedule is nuts, Kenz's schedule is nuts, and trying to work with someone else's schedule is a little daunting. Plus, there's the issue of commitment, motivation, pace differences, distances that one may or may not want to run, scheduled races, and you talk to this person for runs that can range from 1 to almost 3 hours.

However, I'm signed up for the MCM and ready or not, I'll be running it. As I am looking at my training schedule, I'm not really too excited about running the longer routes by myself. Binx is a good little running buddy, but she sleeps half the time and sometimes wants out of the stroller. Plus, I can't take the stroller everywhere due to safety concerns with traffic.

Anyone have any referrals for a good GRB? If they live close, can run in the morning, are up to running 6-9 miles for long runs, and keep around an 8:30 training mile pace, that's bonus.


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Our Family
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