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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall Retreat 2012

Remember last winter, when I mentioned that I had been tasked as the social committee chair for our [large] department? 

Well, I didn't really mention the Spring Retreat, but thought I should definitely document the fun of this Fall retreat! 

We started the day off at Rocky Canyon Park where we had fun chatting, playing volleyball, and playing games. 

Volleyball Activities 

We were supposed to eat around noon when my student employee arrived with the food. But, around 11:55, my colleague tapped me on the shoulder and said "Alec locked his keys in the car, we're going to get the food now." 

I took it fairly well. In fact, I thought that it wasn't a big deal. 

Then I get a text from Alec. 

It all goes back to our experiment with the Career Fair caterer which was a nightmare. 

It ended up being okay, despite my stress, although when our VP showed up minutes before the food I did have a "freak-out moment" of panic. Ce la vie. 

Gather together listening to our VP 

After our activities at Rock Canyon Park, everyone had five choices: 1) Golf, 2) Mini-golf, 3) Men in Black III at Movies 8, 4) the Sundance Chair Lift, or 5) None of the above. 

Sherami, Lisa, and I opted for the chair lift. As did Monte and Jay on the chair behind us. 

The weather was perfect. It was overcast with a slight cool breeze. So nice. 

Taking off!

Monte and Jay are the specks in the distance...

Lisa and Shera

Lisa, Sherami, and I 

Sherami and I

Isn't it gorgeous? 

I am, however, in denial that the leaves have already started changing. 

The lift with Mount Timpanogos in the background.

Jay enjoying the ride

Finishing the ride. I would love to take the lift alone sometime. It would be some wonderful mediation. 

All in all the retreat was a success, especially the $24.99 gift cards and 1 taped-on penny ($25 becomes taxable, so our director, Steve, suggested taping on the pennies. It was well-received.) 


Jerusalem Girl said...

How fun this must have been!! So good to see pictures of all of you. Hope all is well.

Jerusalem Girl said...

How fun this must have been! So good to see pictures of all of you. Hope all is well.

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Our Family
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