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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Under a Bushel

A few months ago, I was asked to head the social committee in our department. Wow. (Note to self, in the future hide under a bushel, hide under a bushel.)

Can we say nervous? Yes. Can we say excited? Heck yes.

The first task: the annual formal Christmas party.

This event was fun to plan. I met with a few people on my committee to talk about catering ideas, entertainment, and the yearly gift. We came up with some delicious and fun ideas.

The day of the event was a little crazy with some last-minute preparations, and of course I was a bit high-strung during the event worrying about whether or not everything would work out well, but it turned out beautifully.

The Food: We ended up planning a delicious buffet that included round roast with a black currant demi glace and cream horseradish sauce, Italian chicken with a mushroom caper sauce, scalloped potatoes, sausage sage cranberry cornbread stuffing, spinach and romaine salad with walnuts, craisins, and Gorgonzola cheese with a delicious caramel balsamic vinaigrette.

I'm getting hungry just remembering.

The Entertainment: We also scored big brownie points with the entertainment...

Awesome 4-piece jazz ensemble

with an amazing saxophonist.

See what I mean? 

The Gift: Our idea for a Christmas gift was a big hit... especially because each person got to take home two

However, McKenzie's lack of math skills meant that we only had half the amount intended for our guests. (Evidenced quickly by a large stack of cocoa that disappeared within minutes...)

Luckily, there was enough for the retirees that evening, and another trip to Costco so I could play Santa and hand-deliver the rest. 

Despite the fact that I was a bit frantic because of the chocolate, Ryan and I had fun chatting with colleagues and enjoying the incredible music. 

At dinner 

Heidi and Phillip after dinner 


Phew. One down, three more to go in the next 12 months. 

And... just over a month until the Career Fair. Nice.


Our Family

Our Family
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