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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project Approved.

I'll spare the details, but I got the good news today that my project proposal was accepted by the MPA program. I've been working with Red Cross staff and even the CEO to approve a program evaluation and community survey that would enhance the effectiveness of the outreach program I started a little over a year ago. This has been officially in the works for about 6 months (I actually wanted to do this a year ago), which probably explains my excitement. What makes it more exciting is that now that regional leadership is on board, the implications of this study and the program model I created are subject to regional implementation.

What does this mean? I'll help oversee MPA students who will be performing a free program evaluation, then we'll conduct a Hispanic community survey to identify where needs exist in the community and how current best practices can meet those needs.

Now you can read this infographic about the basics of sleep. (Unless you're already asleep, which is reasonable given the subject matter.)


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