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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Adi,
I miss you already!
You were so cute this morning as I left!
I wish you could come with me to Washington!
I promise we'll have fun when I get back!
Have a fun time with dad, Chris, and Grandma!
Your mom!

Dear Ry,
I miss you too!
I'm so proud of you and your new job!
You are so hard working!
Med schools won't know what hit them when they see your applications!
We're buying a house in three weeks! Crazy!
I'm so glad you have great taste! Can't wait to paint and renovate!
Thanks for keeping me sane, I love you.
I'm so grateful you're my best friend!
I am one lucky girl!
Love you so much!

Dear self,
Great week! Keep working hard!
Remember the energy and confidence when you eat well!
We had an inspection! So exciting!
One step closer...
The retreat was fun--it all works out.
Next time you travel to Washington,bring a jacket. :)
Your tired, traveling self.


Our Family

Our Family
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