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Friday, January 9, 2015

And... We're Back to Paradise

As this is a new year and I have been horrible about recording our adventures here in Grenada, I thought I would try to record more, especially for friends and family wondering if we're alive at times and to pay it forward to those who visit and or end up living here someday.

First let me say I love Grenada. After stepping off the plane this morning I took a deep breath of fresh, Caribbean air. Sigh.

Our trip to Utah was wonderful. We saw friends and family, saw and watched movies, ate delicious food, and enjoyed being in the United States. I loved it. But, we were ready to be back in the swing of things.

The flights here were hectic...

Our original SLC --> JFK flight was delayed an hour... and then five which meant we wouldn't make our JFK --> Grenada connection, so we flew from Salt Lake to Atlanta to New York to Grenada. #yikes.

The first two flights weren't too bad, but man the red eye was bad this time around. First of all it was full of medical students who joked about getting drunk on the flight and left a path of destruction in their wake at the airport. Secondly neither Ryan nor I could get comfortable despite having a full row of our own with Adi.

Immigration was slow, but a little southern charm helped get us a 6-month visa! I was so thrilled.

Delta lost our bags (ugh), but luckily they didn't have any necessities. So, we should be good to go as soon as they get here (fingers crossed) tomorrow!

Because of our lost bags, we were the last people in line for customs ... after about 150 other people. Luckily Ryan had paid the taxes on our computers in August and he saved the receipts and suggested we bring them. Two words: Golden Tickets. We skipped all 150 other people. I couldn't believe it. I was however sad that our friends with us weren't able to come with us.

After that we were good to go! Ryan and Adi slept and then we went to campus for Ryan to register. Tomorrow and Sunday are our lasts days of freedom before term 2 begins. #bringiton


Maleen said...

Btw, it was fabulous to see you, even if only for a moment.

Your travels sound long, but I'm glad you were able to visit family and also that you are back in the swing. Sometimes a little normalcy is all you need.

Our Family

Our Family
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