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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I will not itch, I will not itch, I will not itch

It's like "I think I can", right?!

4:30am and I'm wake because of an uncontrollable itching sensation--but I WILL. NOT. ITCH.

As I've talked to friends, some have said Grenada has a lot of sand flies, but after some desperate research and asking local friends, I've learned that is simply a colloquial term to describe anything biting at the beach or sandy areas. They're actually called biting midges or no-see-ums. I think no-see-ums is a pretty dang good name for them considering I had NO idea I was being bitten until the bites showed up more than 24 hours later. 


I am grateful for a few things however: 

1) It was me instead of Adi (she has a mosquito bite or two, but she avoided this nasty itching). I can't imagine her having these 100 bites and being so itchy; the biggest immediate risk is skin infections from itching...
2) They weren't Mosquitos that have dengue or Chickungunya (although they carry their own nasty diseases.) 
3) Hydrocortisone 
4) Benadryl 
5) Yoga pants 
6) Prayer (because it's the ONLY thing that is going to give me enough strength to not itch!)

This is definitely one of the not-so-glamorous parts of Grenada. 



Our Family

Our Family
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