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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Life Lately

Yep, we're still alive and enjoying this island more than ever! Term II is officially underway (it starts out a little slow with two two-week courses in community medicine and bioethics) and and so we're all busy and settling back into "real life" here. 

Kenz and Adi went on a field trip for school to Grand Etang and Belmont Estate.

Adi celebrated National Colours Day at school by wearing Grenada's national colors and taking some coconut bake to share with her class.

We started filming House Hunters yesterday and saw the island by sailboat. (This was Adi and Kenz's third boat ride while here on the island -- lucky girls.)


Adi adapted from ship captain to filmographer and then to audio specialist pretty quickly.

She even made a few EC helping the crew put equipment together. 

We feel lucky that we have had such a good experience with the director and crew and they've all been great with Adi.

Anyway, we're here enjoying it but are busy as always!


Our Family

Our Family
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