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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our Biggest Fan

Our Biggest Fan

So far, the one downside of Grenada is that my upload speed is only 1 Mbps. It’s painfully slow. So last Thursday, as I was trying to upload a 297 MB video, our bandwidth was completely occupied and it was taking for-e-ver. It also meant that the efforts of those trying to get ahold of us via FaceTime and VIber were futile. 

Then, out of habit, I opened FaceBook and the bandwidth let through one new status, my sister-in-law’s. It said, "We have been so blessed to be able to live with my grandpa over the last two years, he has been an amazing example of faith and dedication. He returned home to be with his dear wife this morning, we will miss you James Davies! We love you!”

My eyes read faster than my mind choose to comprehend and I re-read it not quite understanding. Then I realized “returned”, “miss you”… wait what? 

Oh grandpa! 

I immediately started crying and called Ryan. Through tears I told him grandpa had died. He surprised and we talked for a few minutes before I hung up. And about two seconds after I hung up, my mother-in-law called to tell me. He had died at home, in his chair, before his health declined too much—for which we are all very grateful. 

Grandpa was always our biggest fan. He looked forward to us blogging and I feel a little guilty that I slacked off a bit.


We were able to FaceTime the funeral, I loved hearing stories of his life, his challenges, his gifts, his antics, and his love for his family. I especially loved that Adi got to join in singing “

As one who never knew either of my grandfathers, the past seven years have meant so much to me. This past week as we've reminisced about Grandpa, we rediscovered wonderful memories and gems in the photos from our times with him. 

Here’s to a wonderful man, grandfather, and great grandfather. Grandpa, we miss you!

Grandpa, Ryan, Brad, and Adi on Adi's Blessing Day - April 2010 

All of us and Grandpa at Graduate School Graduation - April 2010 

Lunch at Grandpa's favorite Japanese Restaurant...

Our Christmas Present to him - December 2010 

Grandpa and Adi at Adi's First Birthday party - February 2011

A paparazzi snap from Dani and Jon's wedding - Summer 2012 

 Adi (Age 2.5) and Grandpa licking the beaters (Date Unknown) 

Adi (Age 2) and Grandpa  (Date Unknown)

Grandpa's 85th Birthday with everyone - 2012 

Adi (Age 3) and Grandpa (Date Unknown) 

Ryan, Adi, Grandpa, and me - July 4, 2014 

Adi and Grandpa at the Cabin - 24th of July weekend 2014 

Grandpa with Gavin, Adi, Ava, Case, and Jake - July 2014 

Grandpa and me--him in his chair and me on his couch - September 2014 


Our Family

Our Family
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