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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Because All the Hernias

At work we would often have discussions about books, movies, research that faculty was doing, or something related to an elaborate, ongoing joke about IRB implications of making clones and cyborgs (I blame this one on our webmaster and am not even going to try to explain it). If we were unclear on some aspect of someone's research project, wanted to know what time it was in Arizona, or what characterized something/someone as a cyborg, I would usually quickly turn to Google.

As I was typing in "indirect vs. direct inguinal hernia" to help me visualize the differentiation (it's one thing to read that a direct hernia is medial to the inferior epigastric vessels and another to actually see a side by side diagram, which unfortunately isn't in Gray's), I couldn't help but realize how much my Googling has changed. 

Because all the hernias.

Speaking of work (and not hernias), I didn't get to see the actual products for this year's ORCA Grant campaign. My replacement was kind enough to take a few to Kenz so that she could bring them to me.

It's nice to see the product of hours of planning and design and hear that ORCA has had great response from faculty and students.

And here are the new pins for this year (showing how ORCA fits into any field of study - some of last year's are here).


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Our Family
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