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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Barbecue with St. George's Friends

One of the most amazing things about St. George's is the significant other (SO) organization on campus. It really is amazing. They provide a lot of information on housing, schools, travel, and simply what to expect. They even assign you a "Footsteps Buddy" that helps you get things squared away and to make sure you have a friend and ride from the airport. My buddy, Beth, has been so insightful about schools, where to live, Internet and phone information, etc! 

But, the close-knit feeling doesn't end there. In addition to the St. George's SO group, the group of students (and locals) who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints (aka the Mormons), have a small congregation down there that is incredibly tight-knit. So close in fact that we've already become friends with over ten student families who have either been down there previously or who are headed down there for the first time this fall.

Those who have been there on the island for 3rd term this summer have even helped us get our apartment squared away and offered to help with grocery shopping and schools. 

Really, amazing. 

Knowing that, and already being connected to many of them on Facebook, Ryan and I had a great idea... why not host a BBQ for the students who will be there this fall! New students would get to know old students and new students would get to know new students. A really great win-win! (Especially because I'm excited about having a group of friends down there when Adi and I arrive in September.) 

So, last night we hosted a little BBQ with eight different families. It was so much fun. We are already so grateful for these incredible families and their examples and friendships. The next two years will be such a fantastic adventure! 

Grenada or Bust! 

L to R: Anna, Laina, Tim, Me, Ryan, Jason, Lori, Megan, Kylee, Erin, Paul, and Brad
(Plus children... I didn't quite catch all of their names) 


The Steffensen's said...

Woah!!! So fun to catch up on your blog. Kenz (or should I say Kenzie:)?) I love your positive attitude about everything, Ryan is so lucky!! We ran into the missionaries when we were in Antigua and they said the branch was small but so strong, and he introduced us to some shop owners who were members. I love the tight-knit feeling of it! You guys will be able to contribute a priceless amount to the branch while you are there!

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