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Thursday, July 24, 2014

"The List"

I'm in denial about being stressed.

I have a list a million things long. Work is stressful. Moving is stressful. Ryan leaving is stressful. Getting Ryan ready to go is stressful. Finding good renters was stressful. 

Mentally I keep saying "not stressed", but then my body reminds me in random  ways via sickness and fatigue. 

Oh well, it's worth the adventure in the end. 

One thing that's been an adventure (yet stressful) has been "The List". 

The list is an ongoing process, a living document if you will, of what to pack. Ryan is flying first class so he'll have three bags at 70-lbs a piece which is great. But even then, packing up the "essentials" has been crazy. Tomorrow we will start packing the house, but first we're going to start packing for Grenada (and more specifically Ryan) because heaven forbid we pack something at the bottom of a box that is at the bottom of a pile in the back of the storage unit. 

So without further ado ... "The List". 

(And for those of you who have lived in Grenada and/or abroad, if I've missed anything, definitely let me know!) 


-STEPHANIE said...

Hi there! I love coming across new SGU SO blogs! My husband actually just graduated and reading your posts takes me back to four years ago when he started. So many of the same feelings as you are having/had. Congrats on starting the journey, it's a long one but so worth it. :) I'll be excited to read more about it.

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Our Family
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