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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Baby Namin' Skills

I know it's insanely premature to be thinking about baby names, but we are. And we have been for the past three days.

And guess what!? We're so good, we've narrowed it down to four boy names and one girl name. (Truth be told, we both think it's a boy, and have thought we'd have a boy next for a while. And full disclosure, all of these were already thought of and on our 'list'.)

Want to hear the names? Wanna? Wanna? Wanna? 

Maxwell, Bennett, Pierce, and Anderson. 

And Penelope. 

I'm writing this months before we tell people, so we will have decided before this is posted, so I don't have to worry about the infamous criticism about names, but we have thought about each one and the nicknames and middle names that go along with each one.

In other news, I told another friend, Adrianne, yesterday. She's a colleague from the Counseling Center and has triplets (via Invitro) that just turned two and a three-month old (natural). We've talked a lot about pregnancy, babies, and the process--truly it's amazing that the human race has survived to date.

It's nice to have a couple girl friends to confide in and send funny texts about nausea and the like… 


Our Family

Our Family
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