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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The End of the Rainbow

Maleen and I have been looking for some good, fun races in the area and yesterday we did one!

Vineyard Elementary has an annual St. Patrick's Day 5K, so we decided to dawn our green and run our little hearts out. 

Ryan was teaching for the Red Cross, so I pushed Adi in the stroller. 

Ready? Set? Go! 

We were off. I was trying to keep a 10 minute pace, but about five minutes into it, I came across Maggie and Daisy... or so I had called them who were out of breath and a little discouraged. It turns out it was Jane and Ivory (wrong sibling names) and for the rest of the race we ran together! 

While it was slower than I would have run otherwise (a lot slower) it was so. much. fun. I really, really enjoy cheering others on. It's probably one of my favorite things. (If I could go back and re-live my education I might consider life coaching...) 

Those little seven-year-olds were troopers. And we rocked it! 

Adi even joined in the fun for a little while, but her princess dress (that she insisted on wearing) was a little long for running, so she rode most of the time. 

When we reached the end of the rainbow  race there were yummy treats and a park! 

Adi could seriously not get enough of it. 

We are so ready for spring! 


Maleen said...

Thanks again for shepherding my little one. I was so happy to see her running with you. And Adi was such a champ and looking awesome in her princess dress. It was a good run.

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