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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Never Again.

Yesterday, after the race, Adi and I came home to find our sweet neighbors with a new dog on their leash.

It turned out to be lost and they were trying to find the owner. Adi loved the idea and wanted to help, so we went and knocked on a couple doors where we thought he might belong.

No luck.

What to do?

Our neighbors have a dog, so I offered to keep him in the backyard. What could it hurt?

Adi was on cloud nine. She loved it.

She kept hugging him and wanting to help him eat, although the funniest thing was that when we closed the screen door, he would whine and she would say to me, "You made him sad." So funny. 

Well... soon after Ryan got home, our little friend was nowhere to be seen from the window. Now we know why... 

He was digging a hole in our yard. Ryan was not happy. Neither was I.

I felt a little foolish that I'd left the dog unsupervised, but I really didn't know what to expect.

Needless to say, never again.

Sorry Adi, you're going to have to get your pet loving somewhere else.


Our Family

Our Family
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