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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Perspective and Self Improvement

January 31st was the Career Fair. It was really awesome. Alec and I were able to pull things together than ever before and it was obvious. Of course it wasn't perfect, but it was great. But, after the days events, I got a phone call telling me that our family friend, Sherrie, had passed away. 

I was so sad. 

I had written about Sherrie last May when she had had an accident in the Dominican Republic and had followed their blog for eight months of her fight to get well. Sadly she lost that battle to pneumonia that January day. 

One of the first thoughts I had was a student of mine from her ward in Chicago, and before I knew it he had sent me an e-mail asking if I'd heard the news. I felt a little guilty because I'd had the thought to send flowers earlier in the week, and was upset that I hadn't heeded that prompting. So, with a different reason I sent flowers. What kind of flowers do you send to the family of such a wonderful woman? Lucky for me, a sympathy bouquet was titled "Love of My Life", so very appropriate for the kind of woman she was and the love that her family has for her. 

While I wasn't able to attend her funeral (in Chicago), the family did have a brief visiting hour in Ogden a few days later and my dad, my student, Easton, and I were able to make the drive and see them all. 

It was such a wonderful testimony to Sherrie's life to see her family. It had been years (since before I was married) since I had seen any of the Labrum kids, but they were all just as incredible as I'd remembered. It's funny how we only lived in Chicago for a year when I was in 8th grade, but the influence of their family on me has really lasted a lifetime (because it will continue to). In fact, the most touching thing to me was that one of Sherrie's daughters-in-law who I'd only met once recognized me, knew my name and gave me a hug, just like her Sherrie would have--I think she would have been proud. 

Since then, Ron, Sherrie's husband, has asked each of the kids to post their funeral talks on the blog; Sherrie was vivacious and full of life. She was kind, without guile, and so friendly. She was an angel. And I wonder how she developed into such a wonderful person. 

I want to be that way. I want to develop into that kind of person. 

As I've been thinking about this, yesterday I was able to attend the Temple. It was neat to have my frustrations and many of my imperfect thoughts evaporate as the Spirit of the Lord in His House settled on me. 

I like that feeling. I want to be that way. 

I'm grateful for Sherrie's example. I'm grateful for forever families. I'm grateful for a lifetime of improvement. 

Here's to forever, right? 


Our Family

Our Family
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