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Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Answered Prayer

When I lived in Chicago in 8th grade, there were seven Mormon kids in my Middle School, including three sets of siblings. Austin and I were two of them.

During that year, I enjoyed building friendships with these kids as well as their families; one of those families was the Labrum Family.

They were smart, friendly, and some of the nicest people in. the. world.

Over the years, I've kept in occasional contact with Todd, the son my age.

Today, via a facebook comment, I learned that Sherrie, Todd's mom, had a terrible accident while on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

My first reaction was to go to the blog they've set up to inform friends and family about her progress. My second reaction was to offer a desperate prayer for her recovery. And my third reaction was an immediate and urgent need to have her name put on the Prayer Roll at the temple.

[To Mormons, temples are the most holy and sacred places on earth. We believe (I believe) that God dwells there and that when we attend the temple we are in his presence.

The Prayer Roll is a list of names for whom the patrons of the temple pray.

It is very sacred to me.]

In my urgent need to put her name on the Prayer Roll, I panicked. Should I call? Should I go?

Immediately, and before I even really registered the urgency and panic, I got a text from my colleague, "I'm going to the Timp Temple, want to come."

Never, had I felt the hand of the Lord so obviously in my life. The prayer in my heart had been heard by my Heavenly Father. He knew that I needed a quick answer to my heart-felt prayer. He knew that I knew the faith of temple patrons here in Utah County would bless the life of Sherrie and her family throughout the States and in the Dominican Republic.

I asked my colleague to put her name on the Prayer Roll. I continue to prayer for Sherrie and her family.

Tonight as I type this, I am reminded of the words of a talk given by Elaine Dalton at General Conference in 2006, "Always live in such a way that when you need the Lord’s blessings, you can call upon Him and receive them because you are worthy.” He said: “There will come times in your life when you will need immediate blessings. You will need to live in such a way that they will be granted—not out of mercy but because you are worthy.”

I am grateful that today, a small blessing was granted.

Please keep the Labrum family in your prayers in the coming weeks.


SRA said...

That is a great quote from Sis. Dalton, and something I've been thinking about for awhile now because of the not-being-active-in-the-Church thing. It makes me wonder whether I would be eligible to receive a blessing instantaneously if the need were there.

Angela Urrutia said...

WOW! That is a really great quote and something to always remember. Just thinking about how much better it would feel to go before the Lord knowing you were in good standing with Him rather than feeling regret creates a desire within me to be better. :) Thanks for sharing.

Angela Urrutia said...

WOW! What a great quote. Thank you for sharing. I can only imagine being put in that situation and how much better it would feel to approach the Lord in confidence rather than in regret or guilt. Thanks again for sharing!

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