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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life According to Binx

My little girl is precocious, funny, and sweet. And she says some of the most hilarious things I've ever heard. A couple of months ago we started writing some of them down to remember... 

Adi in response to us trying to caution running into the street: "Don't run over me. I'd get hurt really bad It would be a big owie and I wound cry." 

Adi, when running around campus with Ryan: "Is it a mile yet?"

"I want to tickle babies. I want to tickle their foots."

In response to me saying to Adi that she was driving me nuts: "Nuts are for squirrels."

"I don't like bombs." (I have no idea where this one came from.)

"I have a hug and a kiss for you." 

When asked about how old she would be on birthday Adi said, "40."

Today in Sacrament Meeting we asked Adi to think about Jesus, she said, "Think about Jesus is my favorite." 

When asked about what Jesus says, Adi said, "Don't ever yell, okay? And, I give you a big hug and I love you and you and me and mamma and the children."

So funny. So cute.

Love her to pieces.


Maleen said...

Funny, if asked how old she was, I was sure she would say, "80".

you know...80 = Adi.

Our Family

Our Family
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