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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Luck of the Irish

We are lucky people.

We have some wonderfully amazing friends. Becky and Ryan are no exception. We love spending time with them, and are so very grateful for their friendship. Each time we spend time with them, we always comment on how positive and uplifting they are and how we love the wide variety of conversations we have with them.

This week, I talked to Becky and she invited us over for a special Sunday dinner for St. Patrick's Day! We had a blast chatting with Becky and Ryan and Adi had a blast with Natey!

Thank you three for a wonderful evening!

Yummy dinner! (Spinach tortilla roll ups, tossed spinach sandwich, and clover ravioli! Plus, yummy mint brownies!) 

In other St. Patty's Day news... we had green pancakes for breakfast, wore green to (and had fun at) church, and enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon...

Green chocolate chip pancakes. Success!

Brrrr... cold and green!

My puppy and bunny! 

Quiet time... 


Our Family

Our Family
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