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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Break

Last night as Kenz and I both mourned the loss of our time off and return to the grind of daily life I realized that over the next couple of months, I will have more freedom. No obligatory studying, no application essays, no classes. It will be just work (and hopefully we're over the madness that has been the med-school application process).

And to that happy ending, I was happy to see that last semester I pulled an A- in Pathophysiology because it was a beast; a horrible, fascinating beast that I probably should have postponed until med school given my load over the past couple of months. 

So, freedom. I admit, I've become a little obsessed (and perhaps overly ambitious in how much I intend to do with so much free time that I don't have to use worrying if I should be studying more). First, there are books that I have not read because I have been too busy reading what someone else wanted me to read (ie. textbooks). 

It began right after finals with Harry Potter. No, I have not yet read the Harry Potter series. (Who am I, did I grow up under a rock, did I even have a childhood, right?) I devoured the first book. It was like I was regaining my childhood, fulfilling long-lost dreams. 

Speaking of childhood, was anyone else terrified of the animated Hobbit movie as a child? 

To put it lightly, I hated it.

It was like that time when Sherlock first met Kitty in the bathroom. 
It repelled me. 

Unfortunately, I allowed my disgust for ugly lumpy animated characters to deprive me of the written work, which I have been reading during any perceived down time over the past couple of days. 

The movie was pretty good, too. (It didn't hurt that Watson was Bilbo because I'm a little depressed that I have run out of episodes of Sherlock on Netflix.)

But can someone tell me where the white orc comes from? Is it just story embellishment for the sake of making the book into three movies?

And speaking of making books into movies, or musical movies, Les Mis was meh, okay. I got a little tired of seeing angst personified singing to the camera for three hours.

Oh yeah, I'm re-reading that one, too.

A lot has changed since 8th grade when I first read it. We'll see how long it takes to get through the unabridged version.

And this is just because I need to comment on this somewhere and this seems like an appropriate venue and time for a break in this post which has been unrelated to actual exciting events surrounding the holidays.


Alicia said...

We are completely lost without more Sherlock episodes as well. And it might interest you that Sherlock will be the next villian in the new Star Trek movie coming out this summer.

Parrish Family said...

So, my hubby is a big Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit fan. I asked him your question. His response was way to complicated for me. :) He told me a long answer and this is what I got from it, "The movie pulls a lot from other history of this lord of the rings/the hobbit world." Hope that helps.

I also have been reading Les Miserables and I am so sad that I have never read it before now. I LOVE the book!!!

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