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Monday, November 26, 2012


Last year we gave FotoFly a try and did Santa pictures there. It beats the mall Santa pictures because the parent can dress up like Santa, which relieves a lot of anxiety for the kids. They also have a Santa on site, just in case you want Santa's face to show. And, it's cheaper or about the same price as the mall Santa (if you're into that kind of thing). 

Binx wasn't too sure about me dressed up like Santa last year, but this year she thought it was hilarious and wanted to dance with me because she was a princess. We compared the pictures from last year and this year - what a difference a year makes (especially in terms of hair)! 

There seems to be a default set of poses - our suggestion is to come prepared and assertive with the photographer if you want something different. Regardless, the pictures of the Binx were pretty cute.

 And I guess the poses allow for year-to-year comparisons, right?

So as Binx would say, "Santa Claus came to town!" 
And as Elf, a personal favorite, would say, "SANTA!!!"


Maleen said...

LOVE these. I really need to take my girls (And Tyler of course). Did Kenz tell me there was one at Scheel's too?

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