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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Democracy. (It's better when you participate.)

This morning, I woke up with a hop in my step. 

Election Day!

A day where I get to cast my vote regardless of my gender, religion, or race. 

By the time we got out the door (Ryan, wasn't so thrilled), 7:30 was upon us, as was a 30-minute wait. 

It was chilly, but it was fun seeing people we knew from our Precinct. 

The other fun aspect was seeing Adi run around Vineyard. 

The Line

The Little Voter

I Voted! 

After getting to work this morning, I was talking to my colleague about the frustration that I've felt about my vote not counting. Republicans in Utah will win. (Matheson might.) But during this election cycle I've felt a little apathetic because despite my strong belief in Mitt Romney, I realize that no matter how I feel, I don't really have a say. 

Her response was so thoughtful; she said that in their morning prayers, she and her husband had prayed that whatever the outcome, that the country could unite and that we could make the best of the situation. 

Definitely the right attitude. 

While I have high hopes (and prayers!) for the Romney/Ryan team today, I will support the man who leads our country for the next four years. 

Democracy. It's better when you participate. 

As an aside, and for future generations to appreciate the humor of the times. My favorite election joke from Facebook as of the night before the election:

"I predict Obama will take an early lead tomorrow, until all the Republicans get off work."

I'm not saying I totally agree. I'm simply saying it was funny. (:


Our Family

Our Family
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