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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanksgiving FHE

Last night we had some new friends from the ward over for FHE. 

I love Shiloh and her cute family. They are awesome. (Not to mention some of the smartest people I've ever known, I mean, Shiloh's specialty is debris flows. How. Cool. Is. That.)

We are so grateful for such a wonderful ward with amazing people.

We started with a 30-second song, prayer, lesson combo on gratitude (Adi's short attention span) and then made "Gratitude Chains" to count down to Thanksgiving. 

Who knew that Adi was so grateful for oceans; she drew picture after picture. 

Then we made delicious carmel-covered apples. 

So sweet. 

So rich. 

Soooo good. 

Almond-joy apples 

Peanut-butter M&M apples 

Three cute kids. (Adi loved Christian. He's eight; I'm not sure he was so thrilled. :) 

Thanks Shiloh, Jared, Laura, and Christian! We loved having you over!


Our Family

Our Family
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