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Friday, October 19, 2012

By the Light of the Halloween Moon

We have progressed from the board book phase at our house, which has opened a door to a new, endless world of books for kids. 

One of Adi's favorites has been this one:

During our excursion to the HBLL, we picked up this story about various monsters and creatures all vying for the toe of this little girl who is all alone minding her own business practicing her violin (or fiddle) on a dock in what seems to be a bayou in the middle of the night. Although, the reference to the williwaw ghost leads me to believe this is more likely to take place in New England. 

Admittedly, the version I read to the Binx is not as light-hearted and musical as this one because really, all these monsters are contending for this girl's glistening toe as she nonchalantly dangles her succulent digits into the dark abyss below. I'll add a witch cackle, a ghost or ghoul moan and a howl or two in there to liven things up a bit, but it can't be all fun and games. Plus, I'm not necessarily musically inclined, so this one to the list of how I scarred my child for life.

Truth be told, we love the book and bought the hardback copy from Amazon because it's apparently out of print. Gotta love Amazon. (Sorry local small, struggling bookstore business. Convenience won the day on this one.) Any other suggestions on what books we can buy to support Amazon?


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