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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Animal Man and other Halloween Tales

It was a sign. The HBLL was where we needed to be on Tuesday night. 

Kenz was teaching and so Binx and I went home, fixed dinner, then went back to campus to pick Kenz up.

We arrived early because we had a plan, which included a detour at the north entrance to the Wilk to see the "family" of cougars. Adi seems to be concerned that everyone and everything have a family to which they belong. She asks her stuffed animals, toys, and even the spider in the box where their families are.

 Adi was concerned that the deer behind the rock was missing its baby and had to look everywhere for it, while I was trying to take a picture. (Ever wonder what it would be like to have multiples? Thank you iPhone panorama function for helping me see the madness without experiencing it.)

Truth be told, we were on a mission.
A mission to get some candy to share as we waited for mom, that is.
We surprised her with the candy and then went to the HBLL to check out some Halloween books.

Adi loved taking every book off the shelf and misplacing it while I ran behind her placing each displaced book on one of the recirculation shelves browsing through the books.

After picking up a few to check out, we stopped by the sampler section where Adi and I found another Halloween treat.

The "Animal Man" comic book. We like to keep it classy around here.

We really didn't check this one out. I honestly thought that Adi would freak out by the wild baboon on the cover. She's cute and snuggly when she's scared and I like it. There will most likely be a post on the many ways in which one can mess their kid up big time. For now, I'll enjoy the snuggles.


Our Family

Our Family
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