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Monday, October 15, 2012

Black Bats, Pink Cats.

Well, we finally managed to pull the Halloween decorations out of the attic. Our decorations consist of a box with a rubber spider that jumps out when you open it, and paper bats that my mom cri-cutted out for us last year. 

Binx now refers to our living room as the "spooky forest."

She has also decided that the chest at the foot of our bed is a great stage to entertain us at night.
Performances are now given nightly during the 8:30 - 9:30 pm hour.

Nightly performances include jumping and singing. Some of the time she faces us, but mostly she likes to see herself in the mirror. This performance is somewhat reminiscent of this from last year. 

It usually ends with an encore of jumping on our bed and then us tackling and tickling her.
(She's irresistibly tickle-able in her footed pjs.)

On a tangent regarding that performance last year, Adi is convinced she is going to be a cat for Halloween again this year. A pink one. She told a lady at the mall that on Saturday. Apparently, her cousins (both boys) are also going to be pink cats. I'm sure this will be news to them.


Maleen said...

LOVE the bats. And I know first hand how great the spider is...

I didn't scream THAT loud, did I?

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Our Family
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