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Monday, October 15, 2012

12-Mile Friday

Longer runs for Kenz and her GRB have been hot in the past and so the Binx and I sometimes drop off water at a location about an hour into the run, or a halfway point. Hopefully, it's a good boost for the rest of the run.

Adi thinks this is fun.

Not that you can tell by the above picture. How about the picture below?

Apparently, it was a very dramatic drop off in the beginning. Her boots must have been in danger of getting wet and muddy - not that this has ever been a deterrent before.

Who knows what the deal is with wearing socks as gloves lately. She loves it.
In fact, yesterday she insisted on wearing her sock gloves to church. One of our neighbors was nice and commented on her cute "gloves", fully aware that they were socks and not gloves.

At least they are clean socks (most of the time), and it's not like she's draping herself with underwear to go out in public. If I have to choose battles, she wins this one.

Her escapist tendencies have to go though.


Our Family

Our Family
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