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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Happy ORCA Halloween

Kenz walked up to my office (the BYU Office of Research and Creative Activities) the other day and as she was coming up the stairs, she soon wondered if she was in the right place. I can't say that I blame her. I wondered the same thing this morning.

Let's hope I will get better at this panorama feature on my new phone.

Apparently, my office really gets into Halloween. It has been a progressive effort, which began with leaves and ghosts hanging from the ceiling and spiderwebs on abandoned computers.

The decor has slowly escalated over the past week or so to include tombstones down the hall.

And this morning I found feet under the front desk and down the hall in the trash receptacle.

I suppose everyone else is used to, or has been expecting this. One of the student employees came in and said he was wondering when the feet and legs would show up. I guess the office director moves them around to progressively creepier places and positions as we draw closer to Halloween. 

I'm not really into Halloween - I'm not into the gore and creepers. I did find my Halloween costume for this year, and I'm super excited about it (probably more excited about this one than the Superman costume I wore as a kid for like 3 years in a row because I liked it so much, well maybe not that excited, but you know what I'm talking about). It's the restored Spanish Jesus fresco:

I think I have Kenz convinced to be the old Spanish lady who "restored" the fresco. It's going to be epic. Now if we can just figure out something to go along the same theme for the Binx. 


This Halloween spirit, I guess you could say, has prompted me to create and listen to a Halloween playlist on Spotify. Most of the music is just somewhat somber classical music, which has been great for my productivity. 

I actually read an article recently, which claimed that music without lyrics is more likely to create an atmosphere of productivity. Maybe my assessment of my own productivity was been biased by this preconception that has worked its way into my psyche. That's beside the point. 

Want to know how else this office decor has inspired me this autumn season? I listened to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow during a long run last Saturday. Only having seen the Disney version long ago every Halloween as a child on the Disney Channel, my inner child was anxious to know how the story compared to the animated version. My take on the story, there are few things I would describe this way, but the word to describe it was delightful. The character descriptions are unmatched in much of today's literature. And, you can find the audio file of the story free on iTunes. The film version isn't too bad, either. 

Well, so much for my productivity. Happy ORCA Haunting!


Katie said...

Bahahahaha! I LOVE your costume... Fabio and I have been laughing at that news story for weeks. As far as Binx... a paintbrush and paint pallet, of course! At least, that's my vote. Miss you guys.

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