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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Morning Around These Parts...

This morning, I met Maleen for a 7:30 run.

Let's talk about how 7:30 is so much better than 6:15.

When we got back, Ryan was up and headed out for a run. But, before he left we started tidying up.

After he left, I got down to business. And, I'll compare it to this...

With Ryan and Adi gone, I found a groove, and by the time they got back, I'd done dishes, laundry, cleaned all three bathrooms, cleaned all the mirrors in the whole house, stripped bedding, vacuumed (well, technically Wall-E vacuumed), and had started dusting.

After they got home we kept cleaning, and I'm happy to report our house is in tip-top shape (minus needing to vacuum a little more and mop).

But, Maleen, had given me an idea a couple of weeks ago when she mentioned that she deep cleans one thing once a week. Genius.

So, wanting to start small, I identified an area for improvement, and went for it.

                                           Before                                                          After

Small and insignificant?


But this is a start of a beautiful weekly tradition...


Maleen said...

That is such a great idea!! Oh wait...

It looks good. I was just thinking today that I need to make a new list of places to clean. Besides all the obvious ones that surround me daily. At my house, there is never a time where SOMETHING doesn't need a little extra work.

Our Family

Our Family
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