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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rolly Shoes

If you remember, here I don't like Sketcher's Shape-ups shoe. It's a strange rounded platform that if anything, looks to discourage one from getting out of the house, let alone do anything physical that would result in weight loss. 

I'll just say what I said then: "I'm not going to lie. I really dislike these shoes. It's the marketing that really seems to get to me. These shoes are not going to do everything short of curing cancer. They are a scam that borders on conspiracy to make people look ridiculous. I would be really surprised to find a sensible study that found these things to do what they claim to do. These things are not going to replace exercise. Really, put on a pair of running shoes (or toe shoes) and go out for a run."

Well, I was surprised to see that it has taken so long for something to be done about the advertising. But finally, Sketchers has been called out on their ridiculous claims for these ugly shoes. Check out the story on, and here.


klovesliberty said...

Hey, Shape-Ups are about all I buy anymore - not because of all of their claims, but because they are simply the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn or could ever imagine wearing. My feet are really picky about shoes, but I LOVE the arch support in these shoes, the cushioning, and the way they simulate walking on the sand (which I believe is a true claim of theirs). The only way I could describe it when I first put on a pair was "it's like walking on clouds." Now, would I go running in Shape-ups? No. I don't buy the Shape-up athletic shoes, just the Mary Janes to wear to church, work, around the house, shopping, etc. I highly recommend them. :)

Linda said...

Wow. How embarrassing for Skechers. Painful mistake on a grand scale.

For the record, I always thought they were hideous and wouldn't've bought them even if they DID tone my body!

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