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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mexican Pointy Boot Craze

I heard about a new craze in shoes going on in Mexico. It's the pointy boot craze, and I guess people are going nuts over them. Check out the trib article here. This just adds another shoe to my mental collection of shoes that I'd never wear and will probably never understand.

There are a few more, and if you wear these shoes I'd like to hear why. I am open to understanding them, and I am not questioning your fashion sense or motives. (You may be interested to know that I am wearing a very comfortable pair of loafers right now, and so I am not one to critique fashion.)

Toe Shoes

Not the ballerina kind. I have seen people wear these running (there's a barefoot trend and I guess this is close to it without being barefoot), as well as just wearing these out and about. I may have a problem with these shoes because I have a problem with people not wearing shoes in public places and this seems to come close enough for me to feel some repulsion.

I'm not sure I buy into the whole barefoot running argument, either. But I haven't ever really taken time to understand it.


I like to call these origami shoes because they look folded. They look really comfortable, but can be, well, ugly. I saw plenty of these at the U and wondered when the hippies started making their own shoes. Stereotyping is wrong, but that's the crowd that I saw wearing them.


I'm pretty sure these speak for themselves. That and when it comes to describing these shoes, I find myself at a loss for words.

Shape Ups

I'm not going to lie. I really dislike these shoes. It's the marketing that really seems to get to me. These shoes are not going to do everything short of curing cancer. They are a scam that borders on conspiracy to make people look ridiculous. I would be really surprised to find a sensible study that found these things to do what they claim to do. These things are not going to replace exercise. Really, put on a pair of running shoes (or toe shoes) and go out for a run.


Our Family

Our Family
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