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Friday, May 18, 2012

H Street Country Club

Last week, before I left Washington, I had the wonderful privilege to have dinner with Jose, Maria, and their beautiful children! 

Being the native East Coasters that they are (and the fact that Jose works for the city), they know the best restaurants in every nook and cranny in that town, and I feel fortunate that each time I visit, I am the beneficiary of delicious new cuisine. 

This time it was the H Street Country Club (a restaurant, bar, and mini-golf area) on the H Street Corridor. I've only been that direction twice (both times with them) and it's a great little area. 

Jose and I had cabbed over while Maria drove in with the kids, and while Jose helped with the kids I ran to grab a table. 

When I walked inside, the host asked me something, but he mumbled and I couldn't quite understand. Then, I asked if I could have a table upstairs and he repeated himself, "ID". OOOOOOOOooooohhhh. 


I had never been ID'd before and it was great. Everything and more than I expected. In fact, I even got a little giddy telling them that I'd never been ID'd before. I could tell by the way they looked at me sideways that they were a little concerned that at age 25 I'd never been ID'd. So classic. 

Anyway, dinner was so. much. fun. I LOVE this family. The restaurant was delicious (best guacamole ever) and really fun... 

Toaster lights and all! 

It was sooo great to meet little Carlos for the first time... 

And to see Mariana again, she's getting so big!

And of course Gabby. LOVE that smart little girl!

Thank you for making my trip wonderful. We love you and miss you!


Our Family

Our Family
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