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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Adi,
This week, baby center said you (as a 2-year-old) only understand "parallel play."
...Yesterday, you proved that wrong. It was so cute seeing you dance at Heather's wedding reception!
I have officially discovered the perfect word to describe you: precocious. In all it's glory.
"Busy" is just a euphemism for "naughty", but normally you're pretty good.  
Daddy said you were confused last week with a new house and no mom, I'm sorry it's been a little crazy.
The good thing is we have a new house and your room is turning out so cute! 
BUT, an 11pm bedtime is not going to last long. Just so you know. 
Your mom and best buddy!

Dear Ry,
We are homeowners!
And it is so nice, fun, exciting!
I love how you keep looking at me with a giddy smile and say, "we have a house!"
We do, and I love it.
Happy four years to us! 
Thank you for making my life a little piece of heaven every day. 
I love you. 
Your wife of almost four years! 

Dear self,
Man life is expensive, but look, you are blessed.
This week has been very productive, only a few more things to go!
Yay for new the new house and fun of organization and decorating!
Keep a smile on your face, and work hard at the things that are really important. 
Always remember, comparison is the thief of joy. 
Your home-owning self.

Adi at the park in our new subdivision 

With a pantry comes organization! Can't wait to label all of these!

My mom is amazing. Check out this basket she helped me put together! 

Heather and Nathan stole the show (naturally) with a beautiful Waltz to the mushy song from Tangled. (: 

And this little lady busted a groove by her lonesome and with a new friend. 


Shelly said...

Congratulations on the house! You should post pictures of your decor as it comes together. Also, where did you get those pantry containers, I've been trying to make up my mind for a long time about what containers to get and those look durable.

McKenzie said...

Shelly, will do! We're almost finished! And I got them at Big Lots and then at Wal-Mart. They're very cheap (money wise and quality) but I figure they look nice and if I need to, I can replace them pretty easily.

Shelly said...

They do look really nice! I think I totally am going to go for the same type of containers. My first attempt at my pantry organization I made the mistake of slowly buying expensive ones from Bed Bath and Beyond but I stopped after two because it wasn't practical nor do I think they last any longer.

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