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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Special Day

So, I love Valentine's Day. It all really started when I heard a BYU devotional by Bonnie Parkin given the day before Valentine's Day in 2007. The message was "never suppress a generous thought." I loved the motto, and it has helped me have some incredible experiences since that time. 

The reason I think these fit so well together is because on that one day each year, society unites in recognizing that line, "never suppress a generous thought." It makes me happy. But, having a valentine or two doesn't hurt.

After the surprise gift on the 13th, our Valentine's day started out on the right foot... delicious omelets (courtesy of Ryan), heart-shaped no less. (: 

Then it was off to work and studying and play. 

Ryan picked me up from work and we headed to my parent's house to give my dad a birthday card--he is a cupid you know. 

We sang and had fun just relaxing, then headed home to... 

Surprise roses and hydrangea! (Ryan even said he almost surprised me like this)...

Surprise gifts! (Valentine's Books for Adi and Shoes for Ryan--and I was ohhhh so sneaky.)....

Yummy gruyere and swiss fondue...

That Adi loved

Some cheesey pictures (literally and figuratively)...

The three of us. 

A little smooching...

And an impromptu and special treat of chocolate-covered strawberries (after the chocolate seized) 

Adi was a big fan. 

All-in-all it was a fabulous, fun-filled day with people I love. And that is the best part. 

My two Valentines. It simply doesn't get better than that. 



Our Family

Our Family
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