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Friday, February 17, 2012

Pregnant, Moving (and a Toilet)

Don't worry, this isn't an announcement. In fact, one perfect child is sounding just that, perfect. (But it certainly was a catchy title though. :)

But, I swear everyone I know is either pregnant or moving... and some are both!

Don't believe me? I know of (and can name) 40 women to date who are expecting--and those are only the ones that have announced. In fact, one of those is having quadruplets!

We were laughing about it at work today--it's something in the water here in Utah County. (:

But speaking of that one perfect child... when one starts potty training, one must not let child flush and flush and flush the toilet in 30 consecutive seconds. (Not that one would knowingly let that happen.)

If one does, it will result in... 

A flood of running water all of the bathroom

Two inches of standing water

A sopping-wet mess

 And a (heavy) basket full of every towel in the house. 

One has been warned. 


Shan said...

I'm not prego. :) Not in the water at my house. But I did move so maybe it will be in the water in the new house.

Alicia said...

Shoot! I'm pregnant and moving in 3 months.

Alison Rae said...

Not pregnant or moving! But then again I live in Salt Lake County! :)

SRA said...

It's not something in the water in Utah County. It IS Utah County.

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