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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My mother-in-law is amazing. Period.

In 2010, my mother-in-law created a beautiful winter wonderland for Hannah and Andrew's wedding... 

And, she did it again for Austin and Bri's wedding two weeks ago. 

Ingredients: blood, sweat, thousands twinkle lights, hundreds of yards of shiny, shear fabric, and two days. 

Final product: amazing

Jennifer came up with the canopy design and we all helped make it a reality. 

My parents rented table runners and chair ties, and my mother-in-law owns the chair covers and tablecloths. Needless to say, I won't be ironing any time soon. 

Austin and Bri had a fun video for people to watch. 

I envisioned having the cake in the very center and it turned out perfectly!

Shelli Spotts, the baker who made our fabulous wedding cake (and our former landlord
made their beautiful and delicious cake! White chocolate and raspberry and fresh pumpkin chocolate chip! 
(I had more of their cake than I had of my own.) 

Austin and Bri went to a bridal fair a few months ago and won this amazing ice sculpture. 

Austin and Bri ended up using the cater who sculpted the ice for their amazing crepes bar as well!

So yummy. 

So pretty. 

The tables were a lot of fun...

Especially our fun table-piece creation. (My mom and I were trying to come up with something turquoise/tiffany blue for the the centerpieces and found 'grow your own marbles' in turquoise at Wal-Mart. Perfect. 

The complete views...


Happy Weddings! And a huge thank you to Jennifer for her generosity and hard work!


Our Family

Our Family
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